Brighton Palace Pier

Palace Pier is considered to be one of the U.K best pier dives and a real mecca for marine life. I had read a number of previous articles about this being a very easy dive and was quite surprised on descending into the gloom.

I was immediately taken back by the lack of viz and the lack of light penetrating the water and we eventually found the bottom at around 8-10m. The seabed is strewn with a mass of metal debris including old pipes, railings, metal bars and old cables and its important to keep your eyes open as you could easily catch yourself one of the many random items just poking out.

Brighton Pier

The great thing about the pier is the amount of items that have and continue to be dropped through the slats of wood. I came across a total of 70 pence, numerous tokens in addition to a brass jerry can lid and silver fork stamped with 'Brighton Palace Pier' which was a great souvenir of the dive.

There is lots of life down there also including black sea-bream, golden grey mullet, red mullet, bib, wrasse starfish and each pier leg is covered in common mussels. A fun dive on its day but a torch is essential and I would not recommend it for anyone inexperienced or anyone that does not like enclosed spaces.

Date Dived: March 11

Depths: 8-11m

Position: Brighton

Visibility: 1 - 5 metres

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wedmonds - 2010