The Elk

The Elk is a wreck of an old trawler that was used as a fishing boat and sank after hitting a mine in 1940. It lies in approximately 30m of water, sitting upright on the sandy bottom. There are clear signs of damage on the port side offering chance to penetrate for experienced divers. I've had it on good authority that there are some huge conger eels that live in this wreck, although I didn't get to see them. However I did see some pollack and pouting and plenty of gorgonia and deadmans fingers on the nearby reef. A good wreck dive but can be hard to find.

The Elk

Depths: 30 - 36 metres (100 - 118 feet)

Length: 40 metres (130 feet)

Tonnage:> 181 Tons

Position: 50°18'24"N; 04°10'12"W (South of the breakwater, Plymouth)

Visibility: 2 - 14 metres (6 - 45 feet)

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Smudger - June 2010