The ‘Mulberries’

Lying close offshore from Bognor several wreck sites known as 'Mulberries' can be found. Heading WSE from Littlehampton Marina they are about 7nm out.

Two of these Mulberries are particuarly worthy of a dive, the nearer inshore one is known as the Near (or Inner) Mulberry and the other, a little further out is (surprisingly) known as the Far (or Outer) Mulberry. My notes are taken from dives on the slightly deeper Far Mulberry, which from what I gather is the better of the two due to its size and what is left.

Bexley BSAC

During WW2, huge temporary floating pontoons were made, these Phoenix Units were designed to be linked together and be used as temporary harbours for the Allied Invasion. These Units were purposely sunk in shallow inshore water in preparation for D-Day, later, once refloated, they were towed across the channel to form the "Mulberry" harbour breakwaters. The vast majority made it across, however some were damaged and abandoned, and today remain as excellent shallow dive sites.

Originally about 60m long by 17m wide, the broken remains are now completely overtaken with life and the amount of fish that can be found is impressive. Lots of hydroids cover the more exposed parts where jewel anemones can be seen. Expect big shoals of pouting, pollock, bass and poor cod. Conger eel are easily found along with tompot blennies, lobster and crab in addition to seasonal visitors like lumpsucker, cuttlefish and john dory.

The Far Mulberry is permanently buoyed and so the best route to the wreck. Care must be taken as the Mulberries are made of reinforced concrete which is decaying badly, so watch out for sharp iron rods when rummaging around.

(Far Mulberry)
Depths: 9m-13m (LW/HW)
Profile: 3-8m proud
Position: 50 44.70N / 000 42.30W *(position is approximate)
Slack: can dived most tides but for slack 2hrs before HW

(Near Mulberry)
Depths: 8m-12m (LW/HW)
Profile: 2m proud
Position: 50 45.50N / 000 43.50W *(position is approximate)
Slack: can dived most tides but for slack 2hrs before HW

R.Nokes - May 2010

*Wreck exact position is available on request. If you are a member of another club and would like to exchange GPS codes, we would like to hear from you.