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Diving with Grey Seals - Farne Islands 2011

Bexley Sub Aqua Diving with Grey Seals - Farne Islands

Bexley BSAC982 members Terry & Britt took some fantastic footage of their encounter with Grey Seals in the Farne islands October 2011

Diving HMS M2 Submarine Weymouth

Bexley Sub Aqua Diving HMS M2 Submarine- Weymouth 2011

Bexley BSAC982 member Dodger pulled together some nice footage of Snowy's Weymouth trip in May with lads from West Wickham, Bexley & Croydon BSAC clubs. Diving off Skin Deeper during April 2011, diving HMS M2, an aircraft carrying submarine that was lost with all hands off the Dorset coast in 1932. The submarine lies on the sea bed in 30-35M in an upright position and is intact with its hanger door open.

Diving trip to Wales 2009

Bexley Sub Aqua 2009 diving trip to Pembrokeshire

Bexley Sub Aquas 2009 trip west to pembrokeshire.

Diving the blockship 'Tabarka'- Scapa Flow 2008

Diving the blockship 'Tabarka' - Scapa Flow 2008

The 2,624ton steamer Tabarka , was seized in Falmouth in 1940 and was initially sank in the Kirk Sound but refloated and taken to the Burra sound to be resunk in 1944. There she remained to stop German U-boats entering Scapa Flow. She lies upside down in 12m of water to the south of the Inverlane. This video was taken by Ron Shires.

Diving with Seals - Farnes Islands 2007

Bexley Sub Aqua Diving with Seals - Farnes Islands

A trip to the Farnes Islands organised by Graham Richardson in November 2007 resulted in some great diving with Seals.